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Our Trip to England

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The students of year nine went to England for five days. Our trip started on Monday and lasted until Saturday. On Monday at 7:30 am we met at school to start our trip. It took us a whole day to arrive in Eastbourne.

We arrived at 1 am in the morning. The journey to England should take 9 hours, but because of French strikes we were five hours too late. However, our host families picked us up at the meeting point at Langney Shopping Center. As we arrived so late, we were allowed to sleep longer the next day and we met at the bus stop at 11:30 am instead of 8 am. The teachers picked us up with the bus at our stations, where we had to meet every single day.

We had a little tour through Eastbourne, but sadly we didn’t see Beachy Head, because we didn´t have enough time. Once we arrived at the pier in Eastbourne, we did a rally in groups of four to five students. The rally took us about 55 minutes and after we had given our rally papers to the teacher, we had some English lessons with native English speakers. We did some conversation and dealt with prepositions, idioms and more. At 5:35 pm we met at the pier to drive back home. We got off the bus at our bus station and our host family expected us back at home for dinner. Afterwards, we were allowed to stay out until 10 pm.

On our second day in England we had to be ready at 8:50 am. We went to Hastings and visited the St. Clements Caves and Hastings Castle. We spent about one to two hours in the caves and about one hour at the castle. We went into the caves and learned a lot about smugglers. Did you know that the caves were used to smuggle in the Second World War? Well, we do know. At the castle we watched a movie about the castle. Then we had two hours of free time to spend in the city. We returned to our host families in the evening and went out until 10 pm.
On Thursday we visited the Royal Pavilion in Brighton. We had two groups and everybody walked with an audio guide through the Pavilion in their own time. After that, we had free time until 4 pm. We had dinner at home and then the bus picked us up at 7 pm to take us to the disco we had with three other German schools. The disco was in Brighton and it was really good. The music was great and it was way better than we had expected. We had a lot of fun and we met new people. The teachers were there too! Everybody had fun and we came home at 10 pm.

On our last day, on Friday, our host families took us to Langney Shopping Center at 7am with all of our baggage, because at 7pm we went back home to Germany. Our last trip was to Beachy Head and we visited the cliffs. We had to be very careful, because otherwise we could have fallen off the cliffs. We learned that a lot of people had committed suicide at the cliffs and we saw the place where the producers of Harry Potter had filmed some scenes for the movie. Then we went to Canterbury where we visited a cathedral. After our visit, we had free time until 7 pm when we finally began our journey back home. This time it didn´t take us too long and we arrived in Germany at 7 am.

All in all, I can say that it was a great trip. We have improved our English skills and we have seen some differences between England and Germany and a lot more. Although we haven´t visited London, it wasn´t as bad as we all had expected. We had a lot of fun in other cities like Brighton. The host families were nice and a lot of students lived close to each other. It was a great class trip and we can recommend it to everybody.


Written by Ilayda Uras


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